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While demand in general continues to weaken, access to finance and cashflow conditions are not deteriorating and capital spending is still holding up.
Business sentiment among major Japanese manufacturers stopped deteriorating in the first quarter of this year after declines in the previous four quarters, largely because of brightening prospects for an export-led recovery, according to the BOJ's quarterly Tankan survey of business confidence.
Whether it's deteriorating pipeline walls, sub-sea applications, or applications that are extremely hazardous, we have been there before and can usually provide multiple ways to solve the problem.
An 18-month project funded by the Save America's Treasures program is under way to determine the best way to handle and store the much-borrowed, deteriorating suits (SN: 8/26/00, p.
In some instances, the design of the deteriorating structure limits needed /improvements.
We decided we needed to cap the concrete on the terraces as well because it was slowly deteriorating," says Bullard.
These patients currently have no treatment options available and face deteriorating vision leading to blindness.
Federal Reserve policy makers are expected to cut interest rates for the first time in nearly three years today, acting on Chairman Alan Greenspan's alarm about a deteriorating world economy.
The most heavily used documents are deteriorating rapidly.
The Negative Outlook is based on the filing delays, material weaknesses, and deteriorating financial performance expected for the remainder of 2006.
The government on Thursday downgraded its economic assessment for Okinawa, the only region whose economy was not classified in the previous survey as being under downward pressure, meaning the economies of all 10 regions in Japan are now deemed to be deteriorating.
Tom Swann says he lost use of his left eye due to the negligence of two doctors who failed to promptly diagnose his deteriorating vision, a complication of AIDS.