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DETERMINATE. That which is ascertained; what is particularly designated; as, if I sell you my horse Napoleon, the article sold is here determined. This is very different from a contract by which I would have sold you a horse, without a particular designation of any horse. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 947, 950.

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Particularity, universality, and individuality themselves depend upon factors that are already something determinate, as well as upon determinacies that differentiate themselves in the way in which the universal can only be a one over many, by being particularized into a plurality of individuals.
In the era we designate as postmodern and postcolonial, in other words, there may be a less cogent set of determinacies, but a more insidious, because less overtly delineated, economy of modes of representation and self-presentation hinged more tightly than ever to cultural and personal survivability.
51) Formal possibility sublates its own contradiction by determining itself as the ground of the very relation between opposing determinacies, as the reflected ground of its own contradiction.