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DETERMINATE. That which is ascertained; what is particularly designated; as, if I sell you my horse Napoleon, the article sold is here determined. This is very different from a contract by which I would have sold you a horse, without a particular designation of any horse. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 947, 950.

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The positing of form as both essence and substance of c-substances in general provides us with an important clue about the relationship between intelligibility and determinacy in Aristotle's investigation of substance.
Yet in explaining how to distinguish the "voice of legal reason" from "idiosyncratic preference," (65) Judge Wilkinson does not sound like the kind of legalist that Judge Posner criticizes for overemphasizing the determinacy of conventional legal materials.
i]f one accepts that these worries are well-founded, then one can also see why the adoption of proportionality would make sense, in so far as it would inject a measure of analytic, or procedural, determinacy to the balancing exercise.
Thus Ginotti, as an Idea that has neither "form nor outline," is given an untrue determinacy by the role he actually plays in the narrative, a role constricted by the form Shelley had available to him, namely Faustian melodrama.
Section V considers the determinacy properties of our model economy.
However, little evidence has been offered to either support or refute the alleged impact of regulatory competition on legal determinacy.
Since it is hard to derive clear analytical results due to complex open economy DSGE model with formal and informal sectors, we present a numerical simulation on a calibrated version of our economy and check the determinacy area.
In contradistinction, Annas proposes that we see happiness as something initially indeterminate that acquires greater determinacy and scope as we develop our virtuous characters.
To the Sudanese who are ready to imagine a future beyond the determinacy of war it bespeaks of the harsh political economy that underlies the country's incessant conflicts.
According to Russian doctrine (12), rule of law as a special kind of social rule meets the further criteria: compulsory execution, formal determinacy, state-imperious dictates, legally binding character, three-term structure (hypothesis, dispositions and sanctions).