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usually, the last element, can then indicate the category to which the concept belongs, and the determinant indicates the criterion for the subdivision of the category" (Cabre 1999:77).
Risk factors and determinants also can provide a way for us to begin to address the 25-year life-span disparity experienced by public mental healthcare recipients.
Sreenivasan's argument implies that we should spend less on medicine and more on improving the social determinants, depending on the empirical evidence about their relative causal contribution to health.
A large fraction of the virus-specific T-cell response in mice and humans is directed to conserved determinants of viral core proteins, and many studies in mice have shown that memory T cells can accelerate recovery and reduce illness on virus challenge.
Majumdar [1] gave the formula for n-th term of the following sequences: Smarandache cyclic natural determinant sequence, Smarandache cyclic arithmetic determinant sequence, Smarandache bisymmetric natural determinant sequence and Smarandache bisymmetric arithmetic determinant sequence.
Understanding the concepts of social determinants of health is very important for government and policy makers to chalk out the national health policy, said Dr Al Anoud Mohammed al Thani, manager, health promotion and NCDs, public health department of SCH.
2011b) Closing the Gap: Policy into Practice on Social Determinants of Health Discussion Paper, World Conference on Social Determinants of Health, Rio de Janeiro, October.
In answering the main objective of this study, it can be concluded that FFPs were not considered a significant determinant in the selection of a preferred airline by corporations.
But it was not until the 1970s that the social determinants of health paradigm achieved a more solidified state, when researchers became increasingly critical of public health's restricted view of disease and intervention (Graham, 2004).
When analysing a situation as rational, one is only attempting to simplify it and ignore complex factors which would make the analysis much harder because it assumes difficult to quantify determinants like emotions, desires, past activity influences, morality, intuition, coercion, deception, mistake, randomness.
Finally, the annual reports for the sample were checked then calculate the value of determinants (ROA, Standard Deviation of ROA and other values) for testing by using the statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) software.
The overall state of the economy is an important determinant of sovereign default risk, as the ability of the government to finance its expenditures through taxes depends on the economic performance of the country.