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DETERMINATE. That which is ascertained; what is particularly designated; as, if I sell you my horse Napoleon, the article sold is here determined. This is very different from a contract by which I would have sold you a horse, without a particular designation of any horse. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 947, 950.

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The manner of leadership must ensure the existence of a favorable environment in order to determinate the employees to offer their maximum performance, the relational side of an organization is important because any company is depending on the labor quality.
To paraphrase both key points, "one" does not fully express or describe the unity of anything whatever; rather, everything that is one is one under some category of being, and some fully determinate type of being at that.
Under Article 1460 of the New Civil Code, a thing sold is determinate if at the time the contract is entered into, the thing is capable of being determinate without necessity of a new or further agreement between the parties.
Clearly, the neutrosophic number can easily express its determinate and/or indeterminate information, where I is usually specified as a possible interval range [inf I, sup I] in actual applications.
Determinate tomatoes have a much more contained, bushy habit of growth, and tomatoes ripen all at once.
The locus fin accounts for determinacy in most varieties with determinate growth habit, which originate from the Andean gene pool, whereas the second locus accounts for determinacy in some Michigan navy bean cultivars, which resulted from an artificial mutagenesis program (Kelly, 2001).
But he said the new sentence ran from March 20 this year - meaning Hopkins would be behind bars until at least March 2025 - a 22-year determinate sentence.
Do not pinch or prune these or other quick-maturing determinate tomato varieties, because all stem tips will bear flowers and fruits, and then the plants will decline.
Homeowners often select an early season determinate type like Early Girl or Fourth of July together with mid-season, Beefsteak, or late-season Oxhearts, Supersteaks or Ponderosa types.
Changes to automatic halfway release will apply to criminals who receive a determinate sentence for selected offences against children, and a range of terrorism offences.
In particular, the article focuses on an important pattern that clearly emerges when we adopt a comparative perspective to examine current trends in sentencing law, namely, the exceptionally extensive use of determinate sentencing laws in the American legal system in comparison with other central common law and civil law systems.
They consider the role and implications the unconscious has in Kant's theory of knowledge, formulating a unity of consciousness and the notion of a transcendental self, determinate and indeterminate judgments, aesthetic judgment, illusions and strategies of reason, and finally its implications for moral philosophy in defining irrational aspects of human being.