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DETERMINATE. That which is ascertained; what is particularly designated; as, if I sell you my horse Napoleon, the article sold is here determined. This is very different from a contract by which I would have sold you a horse, without a particular designation of any horse. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 947, 950.

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Each is an aspect of determinate determinacy, enabling determinate being to be not just immediately, but determinately.
On the other, because we cognize the necessity of our limited self/other subjective state, and cognize it determinately in the way various logical, natural, and social structures condition us, we recognize the necessity of these structures for the very possibility of our knowledge of both ourselves and the world.
Henry's answer to this question is roughly the same as Siger's: it is not because the same thing appears differently to one person or to many that the senses are never to be trusted, for something can be perceived determinately by a sense that is not deceived, at the time at which it is not deceived.
Subjective probabilities represent uncertainty; vagueness-related partial beliefs involve rather irresolvable ambivalence reflecting a range wherein the concept neither determinately applies nor determinately fails to apply.
More determinately, knowledge of a particular is explainable in terms of the actualization or use of knowledge of a universal, and such an actualization is in tutu explainable by means of the syllogistic form.
Without even finessing the definitions cited in these passages, it is plausible to maintain that substantial forms are determinately located in space and time.
His first (conservation) law is not adapted from Newton or based on arguments from the first Critique, but stems from considerations concerning repulsion initially raised by Leibnizian-Wolffians trying to explain more determinately the relation between monads and bodies.
In the second way, what is added is added by contracting or determining that to which it is added, as "man" adds something to "animal": "`animal' is contracted through `man' because that which is determinately and actually contained in the definition of man is contained implicitly and as it were potentially in the definition of animal.
For the antirealist, conversely, it cannot make sense to posit the existence of verification-transcendent truths, items of fact (of rational warrant or logical necessity) that would render our beliefs determinately true or false even in cases where we did not know enough to ascertain the correct answer, or where currently available proof procedures (for example, in mathematics) were inadequate to the task in hand, or where the evidence gave no means of settling the issue one way or another.
Since each point is equally distant from the "infinite" goal, no actual sequence of moral actions brings us determinately closer to the final goal of perfected rationality than any other.
After the tests we determinately incorporated this aerofoil plate design with a provision for actuating mechanism.
16) However, to have access to universals there must also be determinate identities, that is, subjects that can be determinately grasped and explained via a causal framework.

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