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In the Red Karaman sheep, the most determinative characteristics in LD, TB and SMD muscles were found as 0.
Three properties generally characterize the determinative category (D): (a) D cannot combine with the or a or with each other; (b) D can combine with a singular count noun to form a grammatical noun phrase (NP); (c) D can occur as a head in the partitive construction (i.
And it is precisely such a determinative that qualifies the word proliferation as a specific term which is currently used in the field.
Finally, some hieroglyphs have different meanings in different contexts; they can represent sounds, objects, ideas, or act as determinatives.
Therefore, selecting the most determinative traits correlated with other traits facilitates in the selection of the breeds.
Evidence bearing on these determinative factors is frequently available in auditing malpractice cases, but not in the auditing or underlying accounting aspects of such cases.
however, chose in 1923 to instead recognize the host animal in the first edition of Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology and listed the bacterium as Mycobacterium chelonei.
But the real question isn't whether the Internet taken by itself forces certain effects on us, but whether the Internet (plus we users) has determinative effects.
Building that bridge is a big part of the Wilson Center's mission, where its namesake's influence is unavoidable but, Turner says, not determinative.
There should be a " determinative study as to what are the linkages between mobile radiation, both from towers and handsets, and their direct relation or correlation to both malignant and benign tumours", he said.
As the center of Eurasia, we also want to be a determinative country in regional and global issues and to make more contributions to international peace, stability and development," Yenel said.
For the first time, in contradiction to 15 years of policy and public statements, the FDA is announcing that a product's physical form and packaging, together with the volume of liquid consumed will now be determinative factors in whether a product will be regulated as a dietary supplement or a conventional beverage.

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