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Landsberger, the determinative AN is not written before words in which the initial sign is also AN, such as An, or An-nu-ni-tum.
This payment of excess price was a key determinative for the court in its decision that the set-up constituted an arrangement or scheme which was merely a device to secure a tax advantage to which device the trappings of normal dealings were given by the appellant and that the paramount objective of doing so was the avoidance of tax.
Allan Silber, Chairman and CEO of Counsel said, "While our success in defeating this motion is not necessarily determinative of the final outcome of our litigation with Bergen, we believe that it strongly supports our position that Bergen's claims against Counsel are baseless and completely without merit.
The delay in issuing a new bulletin was not prejudicial to Acco, as the Gillette decision put Acco on notice that the previous bulletins were not determinative of nexus.
Cahill states, "We believe CMS should make it absolutely clear that the list set out in its interim final rule will not be determinative of how formularies are established and revised under the Part D benefit.
BFTI) (OTC BB:BFTK) Wednesday announced that it entered into a determinative assets acquisition agreement ("agreement") with Immune Network Research Ltd.
The fact that M and E used the Wisconsin residence for more total days in the five-year period than either the Georgia or the Arizona residence is not determinative for Sec.
The Regional Director found, however, that even if this were true, it was not determinative of their employee status.
The legal precedent from a Markman Hearing can be determinative of the outcome at trial on issues of validity and infringement of patents.
The court noted that the determinative question was whether the approach resulted in a clear reflection of income, determining that the railroad companies met the requirement.
Justice Tysoe ruled yesterday that a full and determinative hearing of the case on the merits will be held February 12, 2001.
Although under S law abatements are not considered "income" for tax purposes, S's treatment of the amounts in question is not determinative of the Federal tax treatment.