determine beforehand

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Determine beforehand how flexible the pricing of your services are and what you can afford to do.
Determine beforehand your Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA); decide what will be your fallback plan if current negotiations fail and an agreement cannot be reached.
While it is difficult to determine beforehand why this Patch Tuesday contains so many advisories, Mike Murray, Director of Vulnerability Research for nCircle, suggested that it may be related to last week's public beta release of Windows Vista, Microsoft's next operating system.
The point here is that if you plan to purchase CAD software, it's essential that you determine beforehand if the controls in your shop are compatible with the CAD software you intend to buy and if a post processor is required.
We can pretty well determine beforehand how we are going to look and what our voice is going to sound like.
Determine beforehand who will handle everything from how the phones are answered to letters to customers to, if necessary, media interviews.
Too many people don't determine beforehand what they are going to say and the result is a garbled, unfocused message.
You should also determine beforehand if the employee will become a resident of the foreign country.
This way, packet forwarding devices will have the ability to determine beforehand whether a server has the necessary application, and bandwidth to service the request, or whether that server should be bypassed for a less congested or more appropriate server.
agree with Adler that courts and other law-makers will often lack crucial information in order to determine beforehand whether a particular penalty will be effective in inducing separation.
However, it is often difficult to determine beforehand whether there is any courage.
Leveraging on the production worthiness of the Tachyon platform that has been adopted by Brion's worldwide customer base," said Neal Callan, Tachyon OPC+ product manager, "users can now determine beforehand just how long an OPC run will take, because Tachyon OPC+'s processing speed scales linearly with die size.