determine boundaries

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Currently, surgeons have no simple or reliable way to determine boundaries of tumors in real time during surgery," said Jasmine Wong, M.
Determine Boundaries Of The 100 And 500 Year Floodplains, As Well As The Floodway From Analysis Results.
O'Brien said it was evident from that meeting that there was interest in that and, as a result, a smaller group made up of downtown employers and residents met to establish an administrative structure, and to determine boundaries for a potential watch group.
The optional verses that come before this encounter speak to some of the issues treated above related to the Isaiah reading: How does one determine boundaries in an inclusive kingdom?
We shall be working with Defra to determine boundaries for the BT zones that cause the minimum possible disruption to the normal movement and marketing of livestock.
They will join seven school board appointees to determine boundaries reflecting the 2000 Census.
Official Ordnance Survey maps will be referred to by courts to determine boundaries, but they are not always up to date.
Fencing Systems:(including Taut Wire, Infrared/Thermographic Sensing): Fencing systems determine boundaries, deter casual intruders, control access and create delays in the event of intrusion.
Establish and Follow Financial Policies : Determine boundaries on how you will spend your cash, use your debit and credit cards or acquire debt.
Hollywood Voters Organized Toward Empowerment leaders this week are beginning to meet with homeowners groups and neighborhood activists in both Hollywood and neighboring communities to gauge support and determine boundaries for the proposed city.