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The citizens of a free state ought to [1297b] consist of those only who bear arms: with respect to their census it is not easy to determine exactly what it ought to be, but the rule that should direct upon this subject should be to make it as extensive as possible, so that those who are enrolled in it make up a greater part of the people than those who are not; for those who are poor, although they partake not of the offices of the state, are willing to live quiet, provided that no one disturbs them in their property: but this is not an easy matter; for it may not always happen, that those who are at the head of public affairs are of a humane behaviour.
Detective Inspector Kate Jamieson said: "It is vitally important that we determine exactly what happened.
However, given that it is often difficult to determine exactly where the QRS begins and ends, precise measurements are difficult to ensure.
The meetings that will determine exactly how the money will be spent won't get started at schools and districts until the school year is well under way.
The site was designed so that upon landing on the home page, new visitors will quickly be able to determine exactly which newsletter products may be right for them," Lutts said.
Ronald Golden, an acupuneturist who frequently works with San Francisco Ballet dancers, suggests dancers get an MRI first to determine exactly what type of damage occurred.
Fitness coach Alex Armstrong put the whole squad through tough tests to determine exactly how fit they are at the end of a long Coca-Cola Championship campaign.
Dr Richard Kennedy wasn't satisfied with the diagnosis and helped the medical officer determine exactly what was wrong with the patient.
A "manual-J" load calculation can be performed to determine exactly how large the system should be.
Exit Systems staffs a team of surveyors that will examine buildings thoroughly to determine exactly what the needs and options are for each property and they have an installation team in-place.
He touches on the absence of estrus, the fact that neither men nor women can determine exactly when ovulation occurs (cryptic ovulation), the mystery of painful and hazardous childbirth, questions about menstruation and menopause, female orgasm, the historic whys of circumcision, the function of the "semi-mythical" G spot, how females select for the kind of man they want, and the dawn of awareness of time and death.
They also argue that the amount of money spent on treatment of problem gamblers by provincial governments "should be proportionate to the amount that comes from people with gambling addictions," even though to date it has been difficult to determine exactly how much of gambling revenue derives from problem gamblers.