determine with precision

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Motive for this course of conduct, whomsoever is responsible, is difficult to determine with precision.
The prosecutor admitted it was a mystery why Chua carried out the poisonings, saying: "Motive for this course of conduct, whomsoever is responsible, is difficult to determine with precision.
Deposits and Guarantees required: The Contracting authority lying unable to determine with precision the original contract price and the range between the minimum and maximum of commands that can be performed is such (between 5 000 EUR and 50,000 EUR) the amount of the bonds is set arbitrarily as follows for each of the lots lot 1 _ "Stability Studies of structures and earth retaining" 1 000; _ for lot 2 "Expertise stability of engineering structures "1000 EUR_ for lot 3" Expertise stability impoundments land "1000 EUR_ for lot 4" Stability Studies of buildings "1000 EUR_ for lot 5" Stability of Expertise buildings "1000 EUR_ for lot 6" Expertise characterization of soil pollution "1000 EUR_ for lot 7" localized surveys necessary studies and surveys "1 000 EUR
In addition, a cloud computing environment will often allow a CFO to know better the true cost of the IT function where the running costs of applications are often hard to determine with precision.
For their role, the pilots and crews were presented with a Navy Unit Commendation by President Kennedy in November 1962, who said in his remarks, "The reconnaissance flights which enabled us to determine with precision the offensive build-up in Cuba contributed directly to the security of the United States in the most important and significant way.
According to the Lupus Foundation of America, there isn't a single laboratory test that can determine with precision whether a person is afflicted with lupus.
You likely will not be able to determine with precision the answers to all of these questions.
Tools developed over the last three hundred years allow us to precisely measure quantities such as the wavelength of luminous and radiant waves of the order of 400 to 700 nanometers propagating at a speed of 299,972 km/sec; they can find trace elements of the order of one trillionth of a gram in the farthest reaches of space; they can determine with precision signals emerging from a radio wave returning from some distant star.
As a result, it has not been able to determine with precision how well it was meeting statutory requirements to limit contracted depot-level maintenance work to 50 percent of the program budget.
However, it is quite impossible to determine with precision how much money was diverted and misspent in these various ways," Mr Wilcken explained.
Not only has the author scoured sixteenth-century documents to bring together information on the manufacture and upkeep of sculptors' tooks, but she has exhaustively interviewed modern stone workers in order to determine with precision what kinds of practices are followed for the light that this may shed on Renaissance procedures.
It may be possible to determine with precision the encounter epoch and therefore to establish whether relatively low-density interstellar clouds are capable of affecting the terrestrial climate," Frisch says.