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For example, the referent determiner for "I" is: for all x, "I" refers to x iff x is the agent of the context of utterance.
To conclude, we emphasize that we welcome the following by Huddleston and Pullum (2002): (a) introducing the determinative category and determiner function (see especially pp.
Une telle arrogance requiert elle aussi l'ouverture d'une enquete pour en determiner les responsabilites et la prise des decisions qui s'imposent.
2003), it is possible that infants produce the appropriate determiner for the nouns they are most familiar with, as they have memorised familiar article-noun frames.
Insofar as any relation of a determiner and what it determines involves determinate determinacy, negation and the whole realm of determinate determinacy is presupposed and incorporated.
Finally, neither do the data found support the precaution of avoiding differential length or determiner of an option, at least with the specification given in this study.
As children enter the two-word stage an emphasis should be placed on training early developing determiner, tense, and preposition functional category forms.
More recent accounts of determiners in the history of English Jones (1988) and Millar (2000) are data-oriented and, especially the latter, give extremely detailed lists of non-agreeing forms and their functions in various contexts, which enables us to see the evolution of the determiner system from a bipartite to tripartite system with a separate definite article form.
If the postulated discourse entity corresponding to the DP in SpecCP of a topicalized sentence must be retracted due to the occurrence of a later determiner (in split-topicalization) or due to the need to scope under a subsequent quantifier, the sentence should be difficult to process.
II cherche donc a determiner les elements de cette situation et aborde certains aspects des conditions de travail de ce collecltif.
B argues that the Bankruptcy Code makes the bankruptcy judge (not a contract between the parties) the determiner of whether, when and how much an outside professional will be paid.
An unpublished study comparing the effects of insoles and running shoes on impact forces indicated that running shoes are the primary determiner of impact characteristics and that replacement insoles had little effect on impact forces measured at the tibia.