determining element

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He said Islamic Revolution under leadership of late Imam Khomeini was the most important event of the 20th Century, which was as a determining element in international equations.
Our regional presence is an inevitable issue, and we continue this process to remain the region's most determining element," he added.
According to Minister of State for EU Affairs Szabolcs Takacs, cohesion policy must remain a determining element during the upcoming financial framework.
Thus, despotism has remained the determining element of the region.
In the eyes of the president of the Senate committee, the discussion with Brussels makes it even more necessary to "avoid retaliatory measures so that the contribution of the law can be a determining element in Switzerland's position".
In any case, the British government and EDF will first have to agree on the sales price of electricity produced by the reactors - a determining element in establishing whether the project is profitable.
Lebanon would be obliged to comply with the request in accordance with Article 402 of the tribunal's statute, she said, but added that ultimately the "Lebanese authorities are the determining element in terms of them moving.
Perhaps the determining element in how in-store clinics will fare is the attitude of payers.
The spiritual factor is of key importance in an area where religion is often the determining element in ethnicity.
The authors label the new, broader forms of Egyptian identity "supra-Egyptian" nationalism and distinguish three political ideologies in which it was expressed: Islamic nationalism, which identified Islam as the determining element in the formation of Egyptian identity and pictured Egypt as a segment of the transnational Muslim community; Egyptian Arab nationalism, which emphasized the role of Arabic language and culture and rejected the idea that Egyptians were a distinct race; and "integral" Egyptian nationalism, the militaristic chauvinism of groups such as Young Egypt that claimed an expansionist, even imperialist mission for Egypt as a superior nation destined to dominate the Arab world and beyond.