determining element

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DNA will be the determining element that will lead to identication.
Lebanon would be obliged to comply with the request in accordance with Article 402 of the tribunal's statute, she said, but added that ultimately the "Lebanese authorities are the determining element in terms of them moving.
The spiritual factor is of key importance in an area where religion is often the determining element in ethnicity.
We will use a novel single-cell method that employs X-ray microanalysis (XRMA) to overcome current pitfalls of overestimations and non-specificities in determining element compositions.
Demography will be the basic determining element of this conflict.
Another determining element was E-Pedigree's data management model, architected to allow the product and transaction information residing within the ePedigree to be used for improving business performance.
The fact that a European leader in the field of large-scale Internet integration projects is setting up in Italy will be a determining element within a market currently undergoing a strong growth and structuring phase," say Mario Fumagalli and Ricardo Parravicini.
During our entire development phase we appreciated the attentive personal treatment of the CommTouch team and their quick response to our needs which in a highly dynamic market such as ours, is a determining element.
Contract notice: Sampling and determination of macrophytes and fish in rivers, reservoirs and fish ponds, and sampling and preparation of fish samples for determining elements bioaccumulate.
The strengthening of the current supervision and the prevention of microbial infections, in all the stages of the food chain, are determining elements of the company strategy and the major challenges for the food-processing sector.
These olfactory-dependent responses appear to be determining elements for feeding behaviors throughout the various biologic phases of the fish, as demonstrated by both young and adult Japanese killifish being neither attracted to nor able to consume food after receiving similar endosulfan doses (Gormley and Teather 2003).