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Similarly, while a precise assessment of Iran's cost-benefit analysis is unknowable, Tehran does appear to be a rational player and thus deterrable.
Our results do not necessarily imply that all murders are deterrable.
It may be that the mad mullahs aren't deterrable, since they claim to welcome mass martyrdom.
13) Thus, what will be argued here is in disagreement with the position of the Model Penal Code, which claims, "[T]he defendant whose crime results from an entrapment is neither less reprehensible or dangerous, nor more reformable or deterrable, than other defendants who are properly convicted.
Since the publication of Becker's article, the following "conundrum has plagued the literature: [I]f law enforcement is costly but crimes are socially undesirable and potentially deterrable, then efficiency requires that for all crimes the probability of apprehension be set arbitrarily low and the sanction arbitrarily high.
An example is deliberately spitting in a person's face, a criminal assault but because minor readily deterrable by the levying of what amounts to a civil fine through a suit for damages for the tort of battery.
North Korea has been held at bay for the past half-century, raising a hope that it, unlike Iraq, is deterrable.
Bush seems about as deterrable as Godzilla, and by the time you read this the bombs may be raining on Baghdad.
The other argued that Saddam is rational and deterrable, and thus the United States should not attack.
only those confessions caused by deterrable police misconduct, then no
However, Indian strategists calculate that as long as India's nuclear capabilities present more than just token opposition, and so long as Beijing cannot be certain that it can interdict India's nuclear reserves successfully, and that a weaker India will always surrender rather than retaliate, China will in all likelihood be deterrable.