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In Scott-Levin's Spring 1997 Managed Care Formulary Drug Audit, 25% of panelists had at least one smoking deterrent on formulary.
AN OBVIOUS burglar alarm box is a good visual deterrent.
IN REPLY to R K Mains' letter and his statement that there are many who have no interest or concern in relation to deterrents (Your Shout, August 23).
Recommended is a visible anti-theft deterrent as well as whatever state-of-the-art security your car possesses.
The relationships between perceived deterrents among these women and their frequency of contraceptive use were evaluated using chi-square tests.
Shrubs such as holly and hawthorn planted underneath a window or around the perimeter of a house can be excellent deterrents.
bills in 1863, incorporating deterrents such as the seal of the Treasury Department, fine-line intaglio printing, and a distinctive paper with embedded red and blue fibers.
Authentication methods that depend on more than one factor are more difficult to compromise than single-factor methods and prove to be more reliable and stronger fraud deterrents.
While OxyContin introduced an abuse deterrent version of its product in 2010 and we have seen the abuse of this prescription drug dramatically decline, there is currently no mandatory requirement to include abuse deterrents in painkillers or attention-deficit disorder medications.
Our sport gets a bit of a bad name because of the amount of cheats that have come out so we're hoping the deterrents are working, the system is working and people are getting caught and it's going to be better in the long run.
The Chancellor makes it clear he thinks there is no political bar to a new generation of nuclear deterrents.
It is louder than most audio bear deterrents, and it produces a bright, dynamic flash and smoke.