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Consequently, in a world where nuclear-armed states use their nuclear weapons for coercion and intimidation, the United States must maintain a capable, secure, and credible nuclear deterrent.
However, it accepts that cutting the size of the current fleet would not offer the same degree of resilience as the current continuous- at-sea deterrent and would not guarantee "a prompt response in all circumstances".
Motorists said the greatest deterrents would be a highly visible traffic police presence and severe penalties.
Fire Safety Minister Phil Hope said dogs like Ben were a key deterrent in the fight against arsonists.
CONCLUSION: Homeless women report substantial deterrents that reduce their contraceptive use.
Studies have been conducted on a number of health profession groups that produced differing results for deterrents to participation.
They urge home owners to plant their flowerbeds and borders with prickly shrubs as a deterrent to would-be thieves.
Aided by the recently introduced deterrents, which forced professional forgers to use specialized skills and equipment, the Secret Service suppressed the largest counterfeiting rings, including Brockway's.
In addition to the multifactor authentication layer, FICS has also implemented a phishing/Web page spoofing deterrent, automated login deterrent, date and time of last login validation, and additional encryption into its Web applications.
SIR - I'm in favour of the UK maintaining a nuclear deterrent.
IN REPLY to R K Mains' letter and his statement that there are many who have no interest or concern in relation to deterrents (Your Shout, August 23).
The Chancellor makes it clear that he believes there is no political barrier to a new generation of nuclear deterrents.