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Such forward-looking statements include statements relating to the expected benefits of digital watermarking for identifying copyrighted music, movie and image content and deterring copyright infringement, and other statements containing the words "believes," "expects," "estimates," "anticipates," "will" or words of similar import or statements of management's opinion.
META Group also finds that the political backlash toward offshore is not deterring market adoption.
On July 7, 2003, a federal judge ruled in favor of the POWs, citing Iraq's "unrestrained savagery" against our "handcuffed and blindfolded POWs," concluding, "POWs are uniquely disadvantaged and deterring torture of POWs should be of the highest priority.
Although Putnam Investments' efforts in monitoring and deterring excessive short-term trading were generally satisfactory, the Committee identified two areas where it concluded that was not the case.
Chief financial officers, internal auditors, fraud examiners, compliance officers and information security professionals rely upon Oversight to deliver a clear return on investment by detecting, preventing and deterring systems-based fraud, misuse and errors.
In addition to deterring theft, Clarity's integrated camera enables images to be recorded of everyone entering or leaving a store or an area within a store.
From deterring misconduct internally to documenting exactly what happens on network lines, security professionals can use Mobile Forensic Analyst to deter, detect and document communications.
The report published today outlines the key benefits of requiring a journal and thumbprint including: deterring imposters; deterring signers with second thoughts from claiming fraud; alerting signers; helping state prosecutors; and lessening the burden on the courts.
4) The DSG implies some measure of continuity with the two-war construct by stating, "our forces must be capable of deterring and defeating aggression by an opportunistic adversary in one region even when our forces are committed to a large-scale operation elsewhere.
Last week Lynn Herron asked for help deterring cats spraying her plants.
Of course, these measures will go only so far in deterring unwelcome critters, so you may need to employ a repellent or more proactive strategy.
The evolution of American thinking about deterrence can be characterized, in broad terms, as moving from deterring one actor during the Cold War to multiple actors now; and from an emphasis on deterrence by threat of punishment (imposing costs/risks) in the Cold War, to an emphasis today on deterrence by denial (denying the gains of the aggressive action) in addition to deterrence by the threat of punishment.