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com -- has far outpaced all of its competitors, dethroning established Indian sites like Guruji.
The Spurs' victory seemed like a dethroning, if only they were remembered as the team currently holding the NBA title.
And after her third straight sets win of the week, a 6-4 6-1 romp over Japan's Naoko Sawamatsu - despite a wrist injury - Sanchez insisted that dethroning Steffi is possible.
In the semifinals, last years' City finalist Chatsworth could get a shot at dethroning Narbonne.
IBM today announced that an IBM eServer(a) system introduced last year has set a new world record for Web-serving performance in the SPECweb99 benchmark, dethroning a just-released UltraSparcIII-based server from Sun Microsystems.
So their cross to bear for the next few months is to not only maneuver through a maze of opponents bent on dethroning them but also navigate through a locker room full of frivolous distractions.
After dethroning tough Nordhoff to win the Tri-Valley League title, however, then outshooting several strong teams in Monday's team qualifier at Soule Park in Ojai, the Eagles aren't wondering anymore.
The first goal: dethroning McDonald's as the hamburger king in the United States.
Palmdale appears to have the best chance of dethroning the Rebels.