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And between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm, Norwegian Aid Association will detonate useless ammunition at the vicinity of Talloussa, Dbel, Deir Qanoun Ras El-Ain and El-Bayadeh villages in the south.
The passengers reportedly were passing cellphones to each other, behavior deemed potentially threatening in light of UK authorities' contention that the transatlantic airline bombing plotters may have been planning to use phones to detonate explosives.
The bomb, which failed to detonate completely, is believed to be the work of the Real IRA and was thought to contain more than 30kg of explosives.
Scientists hope that eventually robolobsters will detonate mines themselves.
The duds then become, in essence, above-ground land mines, able to detonate at the slightest touch, even after extended periods of time.
Evolving in a creative dialectic with the documentary (in spite of Grierson or because of him), the rich and vibrant Canadian experimental film tradition continues both to construct and detonate images in order to investigate what is present and, perhaps, illuminate what is absent.
The terrorist was attempting to detonate the bomb at the precise moment Butler's car drove by the cart.
Avenger (MCM 1) class ships are designed as mine hunter-killers capable of finding, classifying, and destroying moored and bottom mines, using sonar and video systems, cable cutters and mine-detonating devices that release and detonate via remote control.
A BOMB squad was called to a beach in Gwynedd to detonate an explosive found by children.
THREE Bahrainis are accused of using mobile phone SIM cards belonging to Asian labourers to detonate bombs.
NNA - 20/9/2012 - Army Command Guidance Directorate issued the following communiquA': "On 20/9/2012 between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, Norwegian Aid Association will detonate useless ammunition at the vicinity of Yaroun, Shihine, Talloussa, Aita Al-Jabal villages in the south.
adding that a third vehicle did detonate on three stage in time.