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Finally, it has the unique arm and fire codes for the detonator.
This article focuses on the nonelectric delay detonator, which has become the dominant type of detonator in the commercial explosives market, replacing other products such as electric detonators and safety fuse assemblies because it offers a higher degree of safety and greater ease of use.
Improved fragmentation--Most of the gains achieved with electronics are not made through the detonator itself but through the use of its advanced software.
Bradford Crown Court heard police had found the detonator in March at an address on Lightcliffe Road, Crosland Moor, where Campbell was staying.
A spokesman for British Transport Police said trespassing vandals stealing the safety detonators was a recurring problem.
The two underground mines, both located in Canada, were interested in improving overall productivity by using larger-scale blasts--a job well-suited for Dyno Nobel's DigiShot Plus system, which can dependably fire a large number of detonators and can be used remotely from the surface in underground mines.
Lives of railway workers have been put at risk by thieves who stole dangerous detonators.
A MAJOR security clampdown has been ordered at Ulster's top security jail after a detonator and traces of explosives were found.
As an extra benefit to the user, any delay can be assigned to any detonator and the detonators can be connected to the busline in any convenient order--not just in the firing order.
The longer downhole delay has the dominant impact of firing time accuracy, so the risk of out-of-sequence initiation is a function of the in-hole detonator.
Hindi siya capable to explode without detonator, ibig sabihin walang detonator, kulang siya.