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The United States flag became - instead of a symbol of a nation - too often a vehicle for individual points of view, co-opted time and time again for purposes that detracted from the idea of unity.
Had we continued to play on the Thursday and counted those scores, that would have detracted from it.
Bishop Harvey stressed that he had nothing against technology, but that the electronic vote had detracted from the value of the council coming together to elect an archbishop and from a sense that the vote was truly democratic and secret.
These additional operations added costs, detracted from acceptable surface appearances, hindered ship dates and decreased customer satisfaction.
Critics claimed that awarding so many honors detracted from the value of a Harvard degree.
Over the years, the building lobby had undergone several changes that detracted from its original style, he notes.
The weather was beautiful, but I don't think inclement weather could have detracted from the spectacular view across the river.
The addition of illustrations often added to or detracted from the Bible story.