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But the inclusion of theological essays should not be taken as a point of detraction.
The Wombats - a cheeky Liverpudlian trio - brought carefree indie-rock which breezed along at break-neck speed without so much as a moment's hesitation, while the only detraction which can be made from Embrace's headline set was that it wasn't long enough.
It's already been pointed out that the houses will be very close to the busy new Church Centre, the church bells and the local pub, and now there is the added detraction of a new school being built just yards away.
The higher exposure to technology versus the index caused detraction from performance.
While we have seen some slowdown in our Asian business, this is a minor detraction from an otherwise optimistic view.
And I wanted my family never to suffer the mental anguish that I have suffered, the nightmares that I've had, the detraction from my work.
The after-tax earnings detraction for charges and expenses associated with the TUC merger, including the early extinguishment of debt, was $3.
The reduced income for the quarter reflects the previously noted detraction from income associated with the Garden Banks project and mark-to-market losses.
The second detraction from profit was Zila's expensing in the fiscal year of more than $269,314 of legal fees (including those incurred in the previously announced declaratory judgment action against Block Drug), product development and other costs primarily associated with the introduction of PeriGel, DermaFlex and Orascan(R) in the U.
We are not really involved in support or in detraction of organizing attempts," Peck said.
Stock selection also had a marginal detraction on performance,