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I don't think it detracts from anything - everyone knows it is going to be 54 holes and you've got to play well.
But when schools keep back huge sums it detracts from the argument that schools need more funding.
None of this detracts from Quinn's major accomplishment--creating a gripping narrative of the Myloral drama, with vivid characters and a definite dramatic arc.
That way, you'll be less likely to say something in a manner that detracts from your vocal presentation.
Andy Duncan, environmental programme officer for the city council, said: ``The run-down appearance of these sites detracts from major city centre investments nearby, such as Leisure World and Coventry University Technology Park.
Excessively high ferrite content detracts from the yield strength.
While her characters' voices are subtly different--there are no sharp differences between the genders, for example--this in no way detracts from her performance.
The playwright overuses this device, especially at play's end when Callie's long-winded summing up only detracts from the concluding action that has just preceded it.
Walcott's scholarly acumen is apparent throughout the book, even while it detracts from what would otherwise be an enjoyable and enlightening read for the average black history buff.
While Sonneman is best with living things--people, flowers, and birds, the dryness that detracts from many of her expository pictures of nests and birdhouses is not an inevitable consequence of this stylistic choice.