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He was diplomatic enough during dinner, but when, over the cigars, three of the younger men--Simon the doctor, Brown the priest, and the detrimental O'Brien, the exile in a foreign uniform--all melted away to mix with the ladies or smoke in the conservatory, then the English diplomatist grew very undiplomatic indeed.
Indeed, this may be thought too detrimental a scheme to the French interest, since they would thus lose the advantage they have over other nations in the superiority of their engineers; but when I consider the gallantry and generosity of that people, I am persuaded they would never decline putting themselves upon a par with their adversary; or, as the phrase is, making themselves his match.
This passion is detrimental to me, for you do not reflect that YOU are the cause of its excess.
In reference to this latter point, old John was far from agreeing with his friend; for besides that he by no means approved of an adventurous spirit in the abstract, it occurred to him that if his son and heir had been seriously damaged in a scuffle, the consequences would assuredly have been expensive and inconvenient, and might perhaps have proved detrimental to the Maypole business.
The prudent Mrs Chivery, who wondered greatly at this change, would have protested against it as detrimental to the Highland typification on the doorpost but for two forcible reasons; one, that her John was roused to take strong interest in the business which these starts were supposed to advance--and this she held to be good for his drooping spirits; the other, that Mr Pancks confidentially agreed to pay her, for the occupation of her son's time, at the handsome rate of seven and sixpence per day.
Having fewer major decision making councils could have a detrimental affect on towns in basically rural areas and vice versa.
According to a former head of Ulster Bank, who faced the committee for banking inquiry in Ireland, 100 percent mortgages were detrimental to the mortgage industry.
WASHINGTON, Jan 30 (KUNA) -- The US said Friday Israeli announcement to build 450 housing units in occupied West Bank would have detrimental impacts on the ground and would further international isolation of Israel.
The union said it was causing dampness to walls and having a detrimental impact on efforts to maintain the building's fabric.
What the Government won't tell you is that these smart meters are intrusive and detrimental to your health, and have sparked mass protests in countries where they have already been introduced, such as Australia, New Zealand and the USA.
Detrimental impact the development of the overflow will have on wildlife ?
Tourism-sector heads in Scotland have said that the nation's vast array of wind turbines is detrimental to the promotion of tourism.