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There are significant concerns that emissions from the proposed freerange housing for both ammonia and nitrogen would reach and detrimentally impact a significant area of the Dinefwr Estate SSSI.
Perhaps saddest of all, however, is that their health is also detrimentally affected.
In the planning report, planning officer for Coventry City Council Nigel Smith, said: "It is considered the extension would not detrimentally impact upon residential amenity as it would not be sited closer to houses than the existing building.
Global warming, rather than increasing opportunities for development in cold northern regions, can detrimentally affect a region's economy.
But it also said: "We have been advised by the planning department that the city did not wish to see a permanent market use because they were concerned that would detrimentally affect regeneration of Stanley Dock and likely trading in the new Paradise Street shopping centre.
If they are implemented, they will alter detrimentally the ways in which we provide a seamless, holistic service to children and their families, and contribute meaningfully to the public health agenda.
That style has affected the international team detrimentally.
In the meantime, nobody will be detrimentally affected by this problem.
The product is reclaiming a name used detrimentally to disabled people in the past.
Thomas to argue for the kind of sexual ethic he endorses when, in fact, the sexual teachings he takes aim at are based almost exclusively and detrimentally on St.
Flexibility, coordinative ability and overall athleticism are detrimentally affected as well.
Further research, they said, should be aimed at understanding the mechanism by which graphite morphologies are detrimentally effected and the possible interaction of lead content, section size, mold media and rare earth additions.