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In more extreme cases, the Yuan would even be devaluated to achieve China's economic targets.
He said: "It's not about the site, the problem is about education, about moral values that were devaluated lately.
Le Henand added that TCI also constitutes a great financing opportunity for local businesses: "it's challenging for Emirati SME's to obtain loans or other forms of financing from local banks, who have to deal with devaluated assets carried over from the real estate bubble, the ongoing financial crisis and the higher capital requirements of the Basel 3 regulations.
In a bid to control the rampant inflation and to stop the fall of the Sudanese pound, the government devaluated the national currency but the U.
The rupee has devaluated 13 percent since February this year and 24 percent since last August.
Exports went down by 40 percent and the pound might be devaluated against the dollar to reach six pound a dollar if demonstrations and disturbances continued, he added.
IcelandOs currency, the Icelandic krona (ISK), was heavily devaluated against all major currencies immediately after the bankOs collapse.
Even without regarding "neo-scholasticism," as has often been done, as religiously stiffening and intellectually uninteresting, it should be admitted that during the period under review, the concepts of Aristotelian philosophy were devaluated from THE tool for interpreting the world as a whole into an instrument that might be useful for theologians, but they had become obsolete in many other fields.
The company intends to make its findings public at the earliest convenience, including its corporate plans and remedy plans regarding restoring its recently massively devaluated share price.
The Company closely investigated the expenditure for relocation and disposal of assets and also devaluated the above mentioned land and idle facilities in the Akiruno TC to their recoverable amounts since there was no current concrete plan determined for their utilization, which resulted in 9.
Although the exchange of coins in one same place should be carried out for an equal value, if there were grounds to fear that over a short period of time a coin was going to be devaluated by public authority, it could be bought licitly for a lower price than the legal one, as such fear and the probability of devaluation make it lose value just as money that is at risk of a storm, or of other dangers at sea, is justly bought for a lower price than the one appraised by law.
Relative currency stability since Lula took office gave foreign products a chance to overcome some of their cost competitive disadvantage, but imported goods are experiencing anemic sales growth with the exception of those from Argentina, where the currency was also severely devaluated.