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With the implementation of plans on building the global missile system that is underway now, all agreements as part of the New START Treaty are gradually devaluated.
Ezz El-Din Hassanein, if the pound is devaluated to a level close to the unofficial price, the government will be the most affected party following that step.
AMD/1EUR, the Armenian drams devaluated by 0,7% to the Russian rouble and formed an exchange rate 13,1AMD/1RUR.
Tenge devaluated against the dollar on weighted average exchange rate in the current year at 24.
On the one hand, the local currency was devaluated in 46.
Prices are not going down, but old things have become devaluated.
The currency was devaluated and capital flow slowed down in Turkey as in other developing countries.
The rupee has devaluated 13 percent since February this year and 24 percent since last August.
25% on Tuesday (21 March) and the currency devaluated by 2.
Exports only started to reap the benefits of commodity prices and a devaluated currency until now," says Juan Arranz, a Santander Investments economist for Argentina.
Relative currency stability since Lula took office gave foreign products a chance to overcome some of their cost competitive disadvantage, but imported goods are experiencing anemic sales growth with the exception of those from Argentina, where the currency was also severely devaluated.
Mike Judge, a spokesman for the Christian Institute, told the BBC the new civil partnerships devaluated marriage by giving gay couples all the legal privileges of married couples.