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Pak rupee is devaluating against the dollar is further expected to devaluate under the new IMF program.
At the G20 meeting, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Oh-Seok Hyun expressed concerns over the rapidly devaluating yen and increasing volatility in Asian currencies.
The Southern countries in the eurozone are trapped in recession and cannot restore their competitiveness by devaluating their currencies.
The official announcement says it is sad that the situations whose aim is devaluating the capacity of Macedonia are repeated as the sheer fight for power becomes a motive for slandering the country at the oldest European institution.
If devaluation was such a wonderful thing, South America would be the richest continent in the world, because there they are continually devaluating.
partners, such as the US, of devaluating the Chinese yuan to earn artificial
The Iranian President directed the Central Bank of Iran in 2007 to mull over the concept of devaluating the national currency.
Global Banking News-March 16, 2011--Central bank of Belarus not planning for devaluating currency(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
And further investigations found the building had been in a worse condition than first feared, further devaluating the site.
While devaluating the currency was a harsh measure, it was not back-breaking, and it equated everyone together.
One of the biggest challenges for both manufacturers and retailers is how to upgrade photoprocessing systems to new and more efficient dry lab technology in a way that doesn't jeopardize existing investments; wet lab is devaluating quickly, and there is little resale market in the United States.
looks at how devaluating a country's currency can impact the value of its exports, and at the corollary policy issue of whether devaluation is an appropriate policy choice given a nation's export and production mix.