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If the trade balance is not sensitive to relative price changes, then a nominal devaluation that successfully alters relative prices will fail to improve the trade balance.
Meanwhile, former head of the Textile Export Council Magdi Tolba said that the devaluation is expected to increase exports but other procedures must follow.
Angola's central bank is said to be planning for more currency devaluations.
Devaluation is a complex decision for any country that can have serious economic, political and social implications.
05 manats which means devaluation of manat by almost 34 percent.
He explained the move of Yuan devaluation as a key reform that allows the market to steer the currency's value.
The current devaluation of the yuan by the central bank is likely to have some, but limited negative impact, on Chinese inbound tourism to the UAE.
5 per rouble, implying a 13% to 45% potential devaluation versus the dollar, relative to the end-2014 exchange rate (the most recent devaluation was in February 2014).
Thus, it is expected that following the devaluation of the Naira and its resultant rise in inflation, salaries of workers should automatically be increased too.
While everyone would agree with the goal of unifying the two rates, the application of the "shock therapy" overnight was ill-advised because rapid devaluation can produce economic shocks.
This is the reason that the Republic of Cyprus never devalued the Cyprus pound apart from a specific time during the 70s when the currency was connected to the British pound and the devaluation was imposed by necessity, the Cypriot Spokesman explained.
If it isn't for the money from Albanian migrant worker, the denar's devaluation and the increase of prices will become unavoidable.