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Belarus, also on IMF life-support, devalued its ruble in January.
It's only been devalued by them and their followers - big deal.
We see Greenwich Street South as an opportunity to renew a devalued neighborhood in the heart of Lower Manhattan.
By anchoring his focus on African American men's texts, he explores, disrupts, and deconstructs the "white/black binary of signification that defines whites as normative and superior and that represents blacks as victim, as inferior, as devalued Other, or, since the 1960s, as the Same as whites.
When default loomed, bank deposits were frozen, the peso was devalued and citizens had to accept wealth draining conversion rates.
Undergraduates completed the Host Community Acculturation Scale (r-HCAS) toward valued and devalued immigrants.
Second, the Chinese currency is unlikely to be devalued because foreign exchange reserves are growing rapidly in response to speculation about a possible revaluation.
Unable to replicate patriarchal discourse, the mother is devalued and she is confined to the domestic sphere.
The topic is the topsy-turvy currency market and the effects of the devalued U.
Traditionally, sexuality in Muslim cultures has not been devalued and repressed as in the West.
Steve's decision to appoint four tour captains has devalued that honour.
If language is a currency, as we've observed before, it can be seriously devalued by jargon, cliches, and trendy buzz words.