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Problems: Currency devalued by 41 percent in six months to 54.
Honours have been devalued ACCEPTING something you don't deserve rings very hollow, and that's the problem with an honours list that has so many gongs in it that don't ring true it becomes a travesty.
8km bypass if they have been devalued, said Mr Bibby.
The organisation, which represents the views and interests of sheep producers throughout the UK, suggests the practice of carcase splitting regularly leads to reports of animals being devalued by PS25 per head.
In December, Russia devalued its currency, Belarus imposed a tax of 30%, Kazakhstan left the currency rate unchanged, he added.
The EL has become horribly devalued, though not as devalued as Tottenham's very own EL - Erik Lamela.
When I asked a Government Minister why they had not devalued his reply was that this was because of the loans from foreign governments who would not allow them to repay the loan in devalued Cyprus pounds, which is of course nonsense as any foreign loan would have to be repaid in the currency of the lender, and by buying foreign currency on a forward basis.
Others would argue that the current GCSE is an increasingly devalued educational currency.
Could it be that as we have devalued God, we have also devalued our society?
Summary: The Iranian currency, the rial, was devalued by 11 percent Wednesday as the government tries to liberalize its economy and curb imports.
The Central Bank has devalued Cuba's hard-currency convertible peso (CUC) by 8% in relation to the US dollar and all the other foreign currencies, reports ACN (March 15, 2011.
5 per cent in January after Chavez devalued the currency twice in the past 13 months.