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Senior economist Jose Antonio Cordero earlier told The Baltic Times that "With the lats appreciating against the major currencies, and with some other Eastern European countries devaluing, I would argue the lats is possibly [already] overvalued.
Stone -- have done a bold thing: they have produced an old-fashioned picture book of Modernism as a gesture of defiance against what they call 'a deluge of Postmodernism propaganda', which they believe to be devaluing architecture in the US.
Chatu Monkul had advocated devaluing Thailand's currency for months and today, he argued, devaluation was absolutely necessary.
Nor did he claim to understand why the pound had become so strong and then failed to start devaluing itself.
I think it puts the university in the position it will legitimately be accused of devaluing marriage,'' he said after the meeting, held on the UCLA campus.
What Broto in particular is referring to here is the devaluing of the esthetic capital accumulated in his formative years--a vision stripped of power, which becomes lost in a poeticized, estheticized, or banally mystical apprehension of his work.
the patient feels helpless and counterattacks by blaming staff for his or her condition), devaluing (severely criticizing staff in an unreasonable manner), and idealizing (overvaluing certain staff members to an unreasonable degree).
Devaluing the naira would mean that Nigerian importers would buy the goods in U.