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Sue said her mum will be left devastated by the theft, and she just wants someone to hand them back.
devastated to our beautiful was a happy, and the light of She will be every day.
We had a really close knit group of friends and were all devastated.
Summary: Indie band Noah And The Whale have been devastated after their entire haul of touring gear was stolen.
2 : to cause to suffer emotionally <He was devastated by the loss.
And there is Bam White, a beleaguered farmer who became the face of the tragedy when he accepted $25 (as much as he could make in two months) from filmmaker Pare Lorentz to drag a horse-drawn plow across his devastated fields.
5 Little Man Filmmaker Nicole Conn devastated audiences with her unflinching documentary on her family's struggle to save her son who's 3 1/2 months premature.
25 State devastated by Hurricane Katrina (postal abbr.
Yet Tulane, like other schools in the devastated region, needs funds to pay faculty and staff and recover from the hurricane.
Helens that killed 57 people and devastated 230 square miles of formerly verdant forest.
The site was not totally devastated, which means that some seeds, mostly spruce and fir, remain on the ground.
26 tsunami that killed more than 150,000 and left millions homeless in Asia and east Africa, have joined aid efforts by donating money and raising funds for the relief and rehabilitation of devastated areas that experts say could take years to accomplish.