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A Russian who lives happily under the present system of government in Russia must either believe that man has no soul, or that, if he has, it is not worth developing.
They were all alight and working; they had not been abandoned even while the actual bomb throwing was going on, and now staff and presses were vehemently active, getting out the story, the immense and dreadful story of the night, developing comment and, in most cases, spreading the idea of resistance under the very noses of the airships.
There the men were engaged in developing the country, organizing its railroads, opening up its mines, making accessible its vast natural resources.
Down the warm stream from the pool floated the countless billions of eggs and tadpoles, developing as they drifted slowly toward the sea.
Rockefeller began as a member of the proletariat, and through thrift and cunning succeeded in developing the first perfect trust, namely that known as Standard Oil.
Now the saving of a large and complex structure, when rendered superfluous by the parasitic habits of the Proteolepas, though effected by slow steps, would be a decided advantage to each successive individual of the species; for in the struggle for life to which every animal is exposed, each individual Proteolepas would have a better chance of supporting itself, by less nutriment being wasted in developing a structure now become useless.
Political economy told him that the laws by which the wealth of Europe had been developed, and was developing, were universal and unvarying.
Defeating the North Vietnamese integrated air defense system was addressed through a multi-phase approach that involved developing a dedicated EW aircraft (the EA-6A and later EA-6B), developing tactics, techniques, and procedures at Naval Fighter Weapons School (Topgun) schoolhouse, and commodity-based development of EW systems in PMA253.
The airlines of the developing world are being advised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to bank their stocks of halons--chemicals vital for extinguishing aircraft fires--as the 2010 deadline to cease production approaches.
The court thought it clear that TE was not carrying on the normal duties of an agent; it was not selling or developing the property on ME'S behalf, because TE retained all of the profit from development.
Self-assembly and biomimetics -- using the natural systems of woody plants as either the source of inspiration or the template for developing or manipulating unique nano-, micro-, and macro-scale polymer composites via biomimicry and/or direct assembly of molecules.
The course aims to develop understandings of how k-12 leaders can help to create curricula at the school level by developing understandings of the constructs in all curricula.

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