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Under the Computer Security Act of 1987, NBS was designated as responsible for developing technical, management, physical security, and administrative standards and guidelines for the cost-effective security and privacy of sensitive unclassified information processed in Federal computers.
GE is developing an aggressive internal educational system to help its employees keep pace with rapid advancements in technology.
Two of the several programs that address the technical objective of developing representative industry mechanical property data are the AFS-funded "Critical Assessment of Cast Iron Fatigue Properties" and the CMC-funded "Design Parameters for Permanent Mold Cast Copper-Based Engineering Alloys.
Unfortunately this situation exists in a number of developing countries, and the IRMT addresses these most fundamental and compelling records management problems.
Successful go-to persons usually volunteer for the assignment and often are instrumental in selling their fellow partners on developing the area.
The company is farthest along in developing grades to bond to PC, according to global business director Derek Fraser.
Net flows directly involving foreign commercial banks (also included in the "other" entries) were the principal source of capital inflows from 1973 to 1982 for developing countries in Asia and the Western Hemisphere.
Staff of the Center for Living and Working (CLW) have been developing and implementing a fee-for-service independent living based case management services program referred to as a "health advocate" service.
Despite this, the expectations of developing a curriculum and standards and achieving broad-based stakeholder participation and consensus remained the same.
This request for applications (RFA) contributes to the FIC's initiative to strengthen research bioethics expertise in developing countries.
While camp has been the leader in developing character, it has somewhat separated itself from the community as a whole.
However, the risk of developing a mucinous ovarian tumor (a type that constituted about 9% of all ovarian cancer cases) was significantly elevated among pill users, relative to nonusers (odds ratio, 2.

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