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Of particular interest to the NICHD are applications proposing to study embryonic developmental defects of generalized body patterning and localized anomalies of the skeletal, nervous, and visceral systems that lead to clinically significant congenital structural malformations.
The possible causes of this developmental defect can be expected to be the same as those anticipated for permanent first molars and incisors, although occurring somewhat earlier in life [Weerheijm et al.
They are responsible for a developmental defect that makes the would-be offspring of pairings between infected male mosquitoes and uninfected females inviable.
Myelomeningocele is a developmental defect in which the spine is improperly formed and the spinal cord is open to and fused with the skin; it is usually associated with hydrocephalus, or the buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, which requires surgical treatment to drain the fluid via an implanted device called a shunt.
It's Time to Rethink Dose: The Case for Combining Cancer and Birth and Developmental Defects.
At the same time, Olden posted a new list of priorities that went beyond an emphasis on identifying environmental agents that cause cancer--the new list included identifying disease end points such as reproductive and developmental defects, developing molecular prevention and intervention programs, and establishing clinical programs in environmental health.
Virtual Histology represents a vast improvement in resolution, time, and expense compared to current methods and approaches for studying developmental defects in animal models.
In late February, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held hearings to consider imposing stricter regulations on Accutane(R), which has been shown to cause birth and developmental defects.
com/) is a Contract Research Organization developing and marketing novel in vivo zebrafish-based assays, eZ-Screens(TM), for assessing chemical and drug effects on developmental defects, cancers, central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular diseases, apoptosis, and organ toxicity.
Normal formation and developmental defects of the human dentition has been reviewed by Wright, [2000].
Importantly, they identified regulatory pathways whose activation strongly correlated with carcinogenic properties, developmental defects, and reproductive toxicity in live animals.
Goldmuntz expects many more genes will be discovered that contribute to CHD, either in isolation or in combination with other developmental defects.

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