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The developmental tasks for this new stage are not even defined yet.
The ACCI measured level of concern with or planfulness for the developmental tasks of the four career stages of exploration, establishment, maintenance, and disengagement posited in Super's life-span, life-space theory (Super et al.
Adolescence is characterized by information seeking regarding developmental tasks.
As individuals confront the developmental tasks inherent in each stage, beliefs about the role of image may influence the accomplishment of said tasks.
Many adolescent mothers struggle with the developmental tasks of adolescence and motherhood; they are still trying to resolve conflicts in which they are the child - not the parent (Dickinson & Cudaback, 1992; Weinman, Schreiber, & Robinson, 1992; Sahler, 1983).
Die Bewaltigung altersspezifischer Entwicklungsaufgaben bei Jugendlichen [Coping with age-typical developmental tasks in adolescence].
Atypical child characteristics, such as a son or daughter with mental retardation, affect the normative sequence of family developmental tasks as a family transitions from one stage to the next (Olson et al.
This may help to increase their readiness to cope with the developmental tasks related to choosing their specialty and becoming a physician.
Grobman's (in press) recent study of extraordinarily talented psychiatric patients who presented with significant depression and self-sabotaging behavior also underscores that developmental tasks related to identity and relationships may be related to underachievement.
Adolescents are experiencing internal pressures to complete three primary developmental tasks.
Calogeras (1985) suggests that "marriage represents a developmental phase during which, in order to be successful, the unresolved developmental tasks of prior stages must be worked through" (p.
LeCroy and Daley have designed a comprehensive program model that incorporates the latest information and research and conceptualizes gender-specific developmental tasks as part of a Go Grrrls curriculum.

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