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Deciding how to deviate around the weather is largely a matter of knowing where the weather is and isn't, where it will and won't be.
Gresov (1989) demonstrated that firms deliberately deviate from ideal designs when facing multiple, often conflicting contingencies.
The paper shows that cooperation is much harder to sustain when both the union and the firm can deviate as compared to the case where only the firm can deviate.
pursuing educational goals) are less likely to deviate than someone who has not made such an investment.
Then generate a (0, 1)-uniform deviate U, and if U [less than or equal to] p return X [left arrow] x(U/p).
More thrilling would be a result that deviates from the predictions.
And that the totality of his peculiar exterior manifestations were nothing more than interpretive modifications of liturgical acts or of the sacred cult, and in them he did not deviate one whit from the purest orthodoxy.
When someone creates false transactions or commits a data-entry error, the resulting numbers often deviate from the law's expectations.
Slight shifts in the frequency of the detected waves indicated that Io's gravity was causing the craft to deviate slightly from its prescribed path, which wouldn't happen if Io were a uniformly dense body.