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Most simply put, he argues that the marriage patterns of the organization's secretaries deviated from those found in the broader population--which supports his broader analysis of the YMCA's bachelor culture as a culture of male love that developed as an alternative to heterosexual family norms.
Firms that deviated from fit were more prepared for the eventuality of new environments.
Approximately 12 million people in the United States are bothered by symptoms related to a deviated nasal septum -- a bend in the cartilage and/or bone which divides the nostrils.
Symptoms tend to get worse with time, and persons with deviated septums are more susceptible to local nasal infections than those with normal or corrected septums.
The propofol expert witness also admitted that Dr Murray deviated from commonly accepted medical standards.
London, Dec 29 (ANI): Helena Bonham Carter has revealed that her partner Tim Burton is refusing to undergo a surgery to fix a deviated septum to prevent him from snoring and keeping her up at night.
Following booster ignition, the combined booster and X-43A experienced a structural failure and deviated from its flight path.
s Breathe with EEZ device has been proven effective in providing instant relief to patients suffering from allergic rhinitis, deviated septa, nasal polyps, asthma, common colds, alar or valve insufficiencies, snoring and sleep apnea.
Classifying 831 galaxies, the computer deviated from a panel of six expert observers only 9 percent of the time.
Sonoran Energy anticipates the agreement with Welltec, the world leader in the development of cost-effective well intervention solutions for horizontal, vertical and deviated wells, will generate up to $20 million in work over the next three years.
After the Pegasus rocket deviated from its flight path, NASA officials ordered it destroyed.
For instance, he says, Spiegel's small sample of controls may have deviated form the national survival rate purely by chance.