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In such case one must take into account the deviations from the given basic profile, and shall have the knowledge, where they would occur.
If we think we have a fairly tight grouping of values, then standard deviations might lend the right sensitivity to sound the alarm (a good rule of thumb is that if the standard deviation is more than half of the average, the dispersion is high and normal distribution of values is suspect).
The fact that literature is filled with various techniques to correct the caudal septal deviations points to the reality surrounding the difficulty encountered in successfully alleviating this condition.
Most deviations in the clinical laboratory and blood bank or transfusion service are caught and corrected early enough to prevent serious consequences.
The preinjection deviations ranged from 18 to 60 prism dioptres.
3% of all data, within 2 standard deviations (-2 SD to +2 SD) there will be 95.
Surgery is performed according to angle of deviation, vision level, presence of alternation and ocular motility.
Objective: To investigate the correlation of nasal septal deviations and chronic rhinosinusitis.
Although all scholarly research articles generally report descriptive data in some way (for example, means, standard deviations, percentages), even this relatively simple presentation of basic data can lead to confusion.
Combination of B1-B4 using one-half standard deviations shocks###20###22###25###24###23###22###18###13
Bush carried high standard deviations in their first terms due to war.
Not only will the aforementioned 10% aperture size deviations factor greatly in transfer efficiency capability, so will aperture shape.