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sigma]] Mean stress [tau] Scalar octahedral shear stress [tau] Stress deviator tensor [SIGMA] Stress tensor
So the Maxwellian relaxation time [tau] is a relatively small, and the stress deviator [s.
Influence of confining pressure and cyclic deviator stress on liquefaction based on reconstituted samples between natural sand and caolinite clay.
The resilient modulus represents the ratio of the repeated deviator stress to recoverable lateral strain, based on the results of constant-confining-pressure triaxial tests.
Its report adds: "This Board is tired of being fobbed off with excuses from the prison service and ministers alike concerning the progress as to installation of mobile phone deviators.
from which components of the strain deviator can be expressed as:
The deviator stress at failure is found to increase with cell pressure.
where [sigma] and [epsilon] are the Von-Mises equivalent stress and strain, respectively, and are proportional to the second invariants of the stress and strain deviator tensors.
The first round choice (TM, TM, TM) is supported by the threat of punishment of any deviation through reversion to the dominated autarky equilibrium (A, A, A), which would yield only 19 to the deviator (instead of 19.
The Fazakerley jail was singled out for its "lack of progress" installing a deviator which would bar telephones from working on the site.