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A more diverse board of directors or the presence of a devil's advocate from outside the foundation's leadership could have easily identified the fallout from the decision not to grant further support to Planned Parenthood.
Kelley's strategy for countering the subtle but deadly influence of, "Let me just play Devil's Advocate for a minute .
Pitman said: "I was going to run Devil's Advocate at Aintree, but I'm afraid he broke down on Saturday.
THEN Pacino and Keanu Reeves in The Devil's Advocate in 1997
Colin Farrell (``The Recruit'') appeared in a taped message with a sight gag that is best left a surprise, Andy Garcia (``The Godfather Part III'') read a letter that began ``Dear Uncle Michael'' and graciously offered to whack anybody in the room who had disrespected the don, and Charlize Theron recalled Pacino staying on set in the wee hours just for her benefit during a scene in ``The Devil's Advocate.
The Devil's Advocate star said he was so strung out he did not think he could have made it to the stage if he had won Best Actor for Serpico in 1973.
In this last novel by the author of The Shoes of the Fisherman, The Devil's Advocate, and The Clowns of God, longtime Vatican watcher Morris West spins a tale of personal and corporate guilt and redemption, a battle between faith and despair waged in the heart of a disciple.
DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, one of Mark Pitman's talented squad of bumper horses, is said to have progressed since his impressive winning debut and can strike again today in Sandown's Weatherbys Stars of Tomorrow National Hunt Flat race (5.
This involves communicating on both ends, and then coordinating it properly with the movers, and scheduling elevators that our operations people do so well - and trying to be the Devil's Advocate.
Hackford, who has directed such films as "An Officer and a Gentleman," "Dolores Claiborne" and "The Devil's Advocate," won an Oscar for the short film "Teenage Father" in 1978.
A LAWYER known as the Devil's Advocate yesterday lost an appeal to have his bail relaxed so he could visit his family at Christmas.
His films include Ray, An Officer And A Gentleman, Dolores Claiborne, Proof of Life and The Devil's Advocate.