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Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Deviser Instruments develops products that are simple, configurable and scalable as mobile networks evolve.
Following a period as Research Author at the History of Parliament Trust (1971-77), he has worked continuously, and particularly in Wales, as an author, editor, exhibition and audio tour deviser and text writer, consultant on historical tourism, and restorer and recreator of historic buildings and interiors.
The show's deviser Dianne Nelmes has challenged students to come up with original ideas for the show and promised to give work experience to those who came up with the best three ideas.
Our style is an exhilarating collision of anarchic verbal slapstick, visual surprises, absurd scenarios and ridiculous comic performances," explains performer, deviser and cofounder John Nicholson.
Regensburg abounded in pictures by its favourite citizen, Alderman Albrecht Altdorfer, lyricist of the Danube landscape and inventive deviser of religious scenes.
If the BBC was going to take someone's idea, make it over, use excerpts from it, repeat selected programmes, and devote airtime to knocking them down, it might have been a courtesy to tell the deviser that this was going to happen.
Anniversaries: 871: King Alfred defeated the Danes at Battle of Ashdown; 1412: Birth of St Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans; 1540: King Henry VIII married Anne of Cleves, 'the Flanders Mare'; 1838: Samuel Morse gave first public demonstration of his electric telegraph; 1852: Death of Frenchman Louis Braille, deviser of the alphabet for the blind; 1916: Allies began to evacuate Gallipoli; 1928: The River Thames flooded drowning four people and filling the Tate Gallery basement damaging many paintings; 1945: Battle of the Bulge ended; 1950: Britain recognised the Communist regime in China ; 1998: The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark, was beheaded for the second time.
As an actress, she has typically appeared in the film, The Witches, and played a pathologist in Cracker, but it is as a deviser of unusual entertainments that she made her name.
Anniversaries: 1809: Birth of Frenchman Louis Braille, deviser of an alphabet for the blind; 1813: Birth of Sir Isaac Pitman, inventor of Pitman's Shorthand; 1878: Birth of painter Augustus John; 1884: The Fabian Society founded; 1885: The first appendicitis operation was performed; 1944: The British Fifth Army in Italy attacked Monte Cassino; 1958: Death of composer Vaughan Williams; 1960: French philosopher and novelist Albert Camus killed in a car crash and Donald Campbell died when Bluebird broke up attempting world water speed record on Coniston Water; 1965: Death of American poet T S Eliot; 1972: Rose Heilbron became the first woman to sit as a judge at the Old Bailey in London.
He is seen not just as journalist but as publisher and bookseller, as deviser of practical projects from fire-protection and fire insurance, the cleaning and lighting of streets, and as inventor.
Historian Harry Thomas, deviser of a ghost walk for Prestatyn's Walking Festival