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9] Delayed presentation can occur when there is an infection or a progressive devitalization of the posterior wall of the bladder.
These problems essentially concern poverty and exclusion of certain territories and within certain territories, explaining the need to implement innovative local initiatives in order to change the conditions that have caused the devitalization of those local milieus.
Pulpotomy procedures may be classified by treatment objectives: devitalization, preservation or regeneration [Ranly, 1994].
The earliest events in calcification of bioprosthetic tissues are hypothesized to result from glutaraldehyde (GA) induced cellular devitalization, leading to disruption of cellular calcium regulation (3).
The latter half of the seventeenth century with Carlos II on the throne saw also the self-conscious Spanish recognition and a general European acknowledgment of Hapsburg devitalization, .
The second wound in the thoracic inlet could have resulted from devitalization of the skin from internal bruising from the bullet.
facial nerve palsy) and devitalization of tissues such as the overlying skin and nasal mucosa.