devoid of expression

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It was as devoid of expression as that of a spider.
THEY stare out at the camera, their faces devoid of expression and their intonation bland.
Yet the collages show just how much effort it took to create paintings that looked machinelike and devoid of expression.
Some are devoid of expression and interest in what is happening around them to the point where you do wonder whether they could not have done with another year at drama school.
Bowed, with a shuffling walk, his left hand shaking and his speech slurred, his face mostly devoid of expression, Pope John Paul II was in most respects the antithesis of the cultural icons who normally fill the stadiums and arenas that accommodate a papal tour.
They also have greasiness of the face and a face that becomes devoid of expression.
Awkward poses, screaming mouths, and eyes that are alternately anxious and devoid of expression transform the human body into a horrifying entity.
What I like about Rodriguez's films is the fact that not everyone is white, stick-thin, able-bodied and devoid of expression.