devoid of truth

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ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan has declared news of nuclear cooperation with Saudi Arabia as baseless and devoid of truth.
Foreign Office Spokesman Aizaz Chaudhry rubbished the report that appeared in the Foreign Policy Magazine on Thursday, saying that it is baseless and devoid of truth, the Nation reports.
The ECP, in a statement, said the news was totally ill-founded, based on surmises and conjectures, distorted and devoid of truth.
All that has been published on negotiations being held for Egypt to buy Iranian oil is completely devoid of truth," Egyptian Oil Minister Osama Kamal told Reuters.
Without commenting on any and all allegations contained in the said articles, which allegations are in any event vigorously and steadfastly denied, as it is devoid of truth, merit, misguided and without basis, Namport herewith wishes to assure not only the Namibian people, the SADC region, but all persons worldwide that any and/or all decisions taken by Namport are in line with its policies, procedures and internal processes.
Gaddaf Al-Dam denied the accusation: "I am astonished at this report which is devoid of truth and I remind our brother Abdel Jalil that the sons of the desert never were nor will be anyone's mercenaries or agents," he said in a statement.
Media reports suggesting hiring of foreign security guards were "completely devoid of truth," said the spokesman, Farhatullah Babar.
is exploiting rebel groups against the ruling regime in Ethiopia are completely devoid of truth.
In a statement, the minister said the "charges that Egypt is exploiting rebel groups against the ruling regime in Ethiopia are completely devoid of truth.
About rumours of mass resignations in "Al Arabiya", Alrashed reiterated what MBC Group's Chairman said: "Those are stories that are absolutely devoid of truth, and have nothing to do at all with my resignation, which is a strictly administrative matter.
AcentsAAAl-GhamdiAcentsAAs statement about me is devoid of truth.
The arguments by Nicholas Ackerman and Clive Tiney (NA Oct) about the state of affairs in Zimbabwe are devoid of truth and honesty.