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In similar vein, researchers [12,46,40] have highlighted the benefits of devolvement of HRM to line managers.
Similarly, the process of devolvement implies that line managers are more involved in and take more responsibility for HRM practices.
13 crore) commission without insisting on LCs from buyers was fraught with the risk of default, which finally resulted in the devolvement of 134 LCs during September, 2008, to January, 2009, valued at ` 1,320 crore due to non- remittances by overseas buyers.
Along with Dubai Customs, Dubai Police as represented by the Rescue department and Individuals Security and Protection department, Coast Guards, Dubai Municipality, Emirates Diving Association and Society devolvement Authority took part in the campaign supported by "Scuba Dubai" for diving equipments as well as other many volunteering divers.
Some participants felt this to have been ameliorated through project and contract activities in recent years, with "some good examples of devolvement by federal and state governments of programs with appropriate remuneration so the expectation of endless volunteering is lessened.
A policy of budget devolvement would encourage local authorities to deal with minor offending locally, instead of relying on a central prison system.
281) This optional devolvement of power does not lend itself to the analysis here.
Budhwar (2000) observes that devolvement enables HR problems to be solved at a lower organizational level, creates more responsible line managers, and improved efficiency of employees.
1997), "Evaluating levels of strategic integration and devolvement of human resource management in India", International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol.
The study argues that the unilateral move by Ireland to join the European Monetary System (EMS) is unique in that the devolvement did not disrupt trade.
THE recent damning conclusion from the audit committee, which has decided that the Welsh Assembly Government is not providing effective leadership to increase physical activity in Wales, is another nail in the coffin of the devolvement of power to Wales.
Drake's strong show follows a long, dry spell in the primary market, where a number of regional firms had to shelve their IPOs due to poor valuations or a fear of devolvement.