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At the end of the essay, a reader is left wondering exactly what those "similar ways" are, as Lewis merely restates the thesis: "voting implies a devotedness that cannot mix the politics of this world with the politics of Jesus" (113).
Many of you are acquainted with my history, my commencement and prosperity in business--my marriage, and devotedness to a beautiful and loving wife.
On the other hand, supervision is greatly influenced by doctoral students' motivation, their devotedness to research.
Every organization strives at using proper structure and adequate human skill effectively in order to achieve high worker devotedness to duty.
She is often referred to as "a child" (59), "a small child" (66), "a little girl" (67), whose face becomes "even younger" while making love, her slender body "rapt in its devotedness," "nun-like" (65).
What the documents held in the War Memorial archives reveal is that it managed to do so because of two key players: its editor, Keast Burke, who was doubly blessed with the right skills for the job and a profound love of his subject matter; and no less a figure than the official historian, Charles Bean, whose timely intervention, devotedness to the cause of memorialising Australia's part in the Great War, and preparedness to flex some influential 'muscle', ensured that the efforts of the 'Mespot' units association would reach fruition.
We must all feel, beloved Brethren, that in some manner a near and most extensive field of charity and devotedness has been opened to us, by the emancipation of the immense slave population of the South.
In regards to their patriotic personality, the Turkish women are virtuous in regard to their sensitivity and devotedness to the national cause (Moran, 2004: 156).
The scars of exile have carved an alcove for such devotedness to writers of conscience, at least for those writing from a soil other than their birthplace.
Thus the spirit is burned up in the fire of love, and it goes so deeply into God's touch that it is overcome in all its craving and is reduced to nothing in all its acts; and it must exhaust its activity, and it becomes itself love, above all devotedness, and it possesses the innermost (core) of its created being, above all virtues, where all creaturely works begin and end.
Then devotedness to the task builds, and it builds as long as there is trust and collaboration.
The devotedness of the Irish race to their pastors is proverbial all over the world, and the numerous assembly which now fills the walls of this Cathedral is a manifest proof that, in these Canterbury Plains, the spirit of the great Patriarch of Ireland is still alive, and as strong as in the beautiful but most cruelly oppressed Isle of Erin.