devotion to others

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I think directly of the heroic conduct of Miss Dunross among her poor and afflicted neighbors; and I do not forget the melancholy result of her devotion to others which has left her an incurable invalid.
As a yoga practitioner and an energy healer, the journey into selfdevelopment and time devotion to others will continue unabated.
Green, who once said she "came to Worcester as a young bride (58 years ago) and immediately fell in love with this community," became known for her unselfish devotion to others as a prominent member and leader of the local volunteer community.
The event was dominated by stories of selflessness and courage, of hours of devotion to others, of exceptional commitment to fundraising for charities or in supporting and organising arts and sports groups.
Dr Rosemary Gillespie, chief executive of The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, paid tribute to her colleague and said: "I am delighted that Prof Donnelly has been given this prestigious award in recognition of his lifetime devotion to others, both as a surgeon in Merseyside and in founding The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.
Lanny exemplifies the selfless devotion to others shared by physicians everywhere," said Bracken.
Liddell, in particular, is inspiring, not just for his selfless devotion to others for much of his life here in China where Hoy won the keirin, individual and team sprints but also because Hoy's grandmother, Mary Reid, worshipped with him in the same Edinburgh church.
It was, indeed, noble, and carried out with much self-sacrifice, heroism, and devotion to others.
By and large, readers agree that "Cavanelle" portrays a model of selfless devotion to others.
Pam Bailey and Robin O'Donovan are a very special couple and their selfless devotion to others is a lesson to us all.
It was the first time the Duchess of Cornwall had presented the awards which reward heroism, bravery in the face of disability or illness or selfless devotion to others, a task once carried out by Diana, Princess of Wales.
In simplistic terms, a good friend (or a good person) is someone who makes it possible for you to deal well with yourself, even love yourself, and others, in the end, devotion to others becomes a defining component not only of the individual self, but of the genuinely moral being.