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The immediate effect of such an omnipresence of Cronos the devourer, understood as a mode of subjectivation, is that all ethnic or cultural alterity becomes part of a stock that blocks its differential energy, in order to be part of a single digestive process where difference is no longer pertinent but instead, the constant tendency to presentificate all facts in that neutral floodplain of the invisible, ruled by the real/virtual binarity.
A heavy heart, weighed down with sin, meant being thrown to the Devourer.
Shakespeare weaves Lavinia's cannibalism into the play's symbolic structure, implicating her as a devourer of rhetorical and literary modes and sources as well as of characters.
His name is Taro Aso -- an Olympic shooter, former corporate figure, devourer of manga comics and occasionally fond of scaring the Japanese people with careless remarks about good neighbors, like the Koreans.
The stereotypical image of the aging artist as monstre sacra, a satyr-like devourer of admiring youth and beauty, seems somehow apposite here.
Aa And, in that web of suspended prey, the devourer has no reason to hurry.
No wonder that Aretea now remembers ancient Rome and how ambition was then, too, 'Mother of civill discord, home-bred teares' and devourer of 'Prides Minion' (stanza 52; 'minion' not being, perhaps, the word to use in a lament for Henri III).
Discovered on the streets, she rises among the Parisian elite and becomes the most dazzling courtesan of the day and "a devourer of men.
It is in fact Gilbert Torro who is under the spotlight because of his native village, alleged to be a hotbed of sorcerers: "That same day it was the turn of Gilbert Torro, who was roundly called a sorcerer and a devourer of souls; he put this attack down to jesting as well, which is why he retorted" (98).
The bug-eyed figure in Devourer looks as if he or she is eating his or her hands--or forcing him or herself to vomit--while the subject of Eye Eater crouches in a verdant landscape, preparing to consume a baseball-size orb plucked from her own socket.
It (the bird) was a devourer and a thing devoured, and (being engrossed in its hunting) was ignorant of another hunter .
An ardent devourer of sentimental novels and Paris fashions Emma soon becomes disillusioned when life among the local bourgeoisie fails to live up to her romantic fantasies.