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In The Devourers , it's the Norse werewolf named Fenrir who creates trouble for him and his companions -- Gevaudan from France and Makedon from Greece -- when he falls for his human prey.
His grand novel, Viragzabalok (2009; Devourers of flower), was only a critical, not a popular, success; Darvasi does not possess the epic breadth of a Peter Nadas or a Laszlo Krasznahorkai.
The characters come out of the stomachs of their devourers exactly as they were before being eaten, just as in their turn the cadavers of Estomacreux and his followers, thrown into the swamps, are resurrected with the very same characteristics, attributes and desires they had before their death, in a hermetically sealed and sterile circular process of repetition, rather than a Nietzschean return or a Bergsonian becoming.
Statistics have proven that personal problems involving children are the biggest devourers of productivity and result in staggering employee costs.
This adaptor can hold a whopping 64GB of data in its diminutive frame, just the extension your handset memory needs to satisfy even the biggest devourers of digital content.
Then, when their devourers are themselves killed, or die of natural causes, shortly afterwards, those plant fragments are preserved in their teeth for later analysis by modern palaeontologists.
Here is a great variety, indeed a wealth of gourmet recipes to try, with an emphasis on the best of seasonal produce, that will enhance the daily health of its fans and devourers.
When Thomas Browne claims that we are all cannibals, he does so not with the intent to languor in a paralysis of relativistic mumbling but to effect changes in how we live in the material world: "we are what we all abhor, anthropophagi and cannibals, / devourers not only of men, but of ourselves; and that not in an / allegory, but a positive truth; for all this mass of flesh which we / behold, came in at our mouths: this frame wee look upon, hath / been upon our trenchers; In brief, we have devoured our selves" (74).
Larval fruit flies, supposedly relentless devourers of rotting fruit, at times leave their regular laboratory food to stalk, kill and group-cannibalize some of their older, fatter fellows, scientists report.
Both are freaks of nature, bursting with muscle, insatiable devourers of ground.
Filled with strategies for turning reluctant readers into passionate devourers of books, this book by teacher and children's author Steven Layne is a must-read for elementary teachers.