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In The Devourers , it's the Norse werewolf named Fenrir who creates trouble for him and his companions -- Gevaudan from France and Makedon from Greece -- when he falls for his human prey.
Both are freaks of nature, bursting with muscle, insatiable devourers of ground.
Filled with strategies for turning reluctant readers into passionate devourers of books, this book by teacher and children's author Steven Layne is a must-read for elementary teachers.
The Troubled Asset Relief Program, the Federal Reserve's promiscuous use of discount windows and dollar-destroying low interest rates, and the Treasury Department's open wallet for incompetent financial institutions have cumulatively ensured the survival of the biggest, failiest financial institutions, including such devourers of the commonweal as Citigroup, which managed to lose $7.
We fail to see the cruel irony of our self-designation: devourers of our children's inheritance and consumers of their future.
She locates "new mother" in Vivanti's The Devourers and Pirandello's Suo marito, analyzes the image of invisible working women, examines the search for women's identity as mothers or not, and describes the role of mothers at war, questions about motherhood (including the nature of motherhood as a dialogue with the self), changes in relationships between mothers and daughters, and the concept of mothers without children on a global scale.
For example, as structural doubles, McBride and Gavin satirize the upper-class "heaven" of Weymouth, a community of devourers who feed off the working-class.
The seventh essay, 'Apocalyptic Monsters: Animal Inspirations for the Iconography of Medieval North European Devourers' (Aleks Pluskowski), studies the construction of visual representations of monstrous devourers, especially in representations of the apocalypse, and thus the identification of hell as a monstrous place.
The greedy and the cruel, the devourers of people, are bursting with an indigestion of blood.
The so-called protectors of their community have become its devourers.