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So saying, the king looked cruel enough to devour Theseus and all the rest of the captives himself, had there been no Minotaur to save him the trouble.
And don't forget the sodium hexametaphosphate, BHA, BHT, sodium nitrite, carrageenan, and other top-notch ingredients sprinkled throughout the DEVOURS.
It was part of Randy's 2016 European tour as he devours his way through massive food tests at eateries across the continent.
We designed the Pale Man as faceless, making him an institution like the church that devours the children.
Quest International has launched Citrusense[TM], a diverse collection of citrus devours ideally suited to beverage applications but also for use in dairy, bakery, confectionery, culinary and snack markets.
Good issue on South American Communism ("The Red Dragon Devours Latin America," January 24 issue).
DEADLY HUNTER: A wolf spider pounces then devours its prey