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Funny, you couldn't see anyone pulling the same stunt on devout Muslims.
The strange happenings around their lodgings are in stark contrast to the devout Catholicism of the group.
To satisfy the banking needs and demands of those devout Muslims, there is a small but thriving Islamic banking industry in Turkey.
Such is the faith of the devout Hindus that despite hostile environs, and inclement weather, records are broken year after year as far as the number of pilgrims as evident from the number of pilgrims increasing with each passing year.
A DEVOUT churchgoer was beaten and stabbed to death in his own home yesterday in a row over a chess game.
He informed the mother that he wants his children to be raised as devout Muslims.
Ably translated into English by Father John-Julian, OJN (Founder of the Episcopal contemplative monastic Order of Julian of Norwich), "The Complete Introduction to The Devout Life" is a 448 page compendium written specifically for the benefit of non-clergy Catholics and especially addresses the demands of ordinary and secular life in a world that all too often antagonistic to spirituality.
The devout move closer to the Almighty Allah, seeking His forgiveness and mercy by offering salah and fasting.
TORONTO -- An aunt of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects said Friday the older brother recently became a devout Muslim who prayed five times a day, and she doesn't believe the brothers could have been involved in Monday's attack.
The roommate of the Saudi national questioned in connection with the twin bombings at the Boston Marathon described him as a devout Muslim who was unlikely to be behind the attack.
Isabel, a devout Catholic, is heartbroken when her loving parents betroth her to a vile young man.
HAVE you noticed the tendency recently that whenever there is a whodunit on TV for the murderer to be a devout Christian.