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Barren as it is, the desert is lush with Jesus's and Mary's devoutness.
And I promise to rule the flock entrusted to me in the fear of God and in devoutness of life, and fervently to teach it, striving with all zeal to guard it against all heresies.
A waliyy is a righteous Muslim man, known for his piety, devoutness and closeness to Allah.
Knowing the instinctive devoutness of the average Sudanese citizen, NIF stroke the right chord to get the tune and played the religion card which was capable to lure very many citizens to believe the lie.
He went on to note the abuse of religion in the past few years; there must be devoutness and piety in those who issue fatwas because they can trigger deaths and polarization within the country.
More specifically from the point of view of our topic, an interesting effect of globalization has been in the field of religious identification and devoutness.
The embodiment of natural, primitive spirituality and devoutness, its congregants are an important space of projection for Gantry's personal journey from ignominy to (partial) redemption.
Some regions are well known for their Islamic devoutness (Aceh, West Sumatra, West Java, Lombok and South Sulawesi) and others less so, especially the Javanese heartland which constitutes well over sixty percent of Indonesia's population.
From its beginnings religion and politics were intertwined with honors being dispensed for jihad, from its general sense of devoutness to its particular meaning of defending Islam by any means.
ANKARA, Aug 5, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's Grand Unity Party (BBP) appreciated President Abdullah Gul's determination and devoutness regarding an investigation into the helicopter crash that killed the party's former chairperson.
It may be seen as a bastion of unquestioning fundamentalist devoutness in a universal landscape of heathens, pagans, and generally perverse ungodliness.